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Antonia Krespel

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Antonia's bedchamber... [28 Jan 2006|11:13pm]
Antonia sat at her desk tapping her foot impatiently. She let out a quick exhalation of air in frustration before ungracefully setting her elbow upon the desk and cradling her head in her hand. "My goodness..." she whispered to herself. Her gaze slid downward to the piece of paper she had in front of her as well as the inkwell and pen. "Oh for goodness sake, just write the letter!" She said abruptly raising her right arm to pick up the pen. However, once she had the pen in her hand she became as rigid and frozen as the large lake in the valley of Teasdale.

For days now Antonia had been attempting to compose a letter to Sybil to ask her advice or her guidance or even any word concerning their plans together. Sybil had taken such a great interest in her on their first meeting, but since then no communication had taken place. Antonia felt a great sense of embarassment and humiliation as a result of this. How could she have been so foolish to let her self be wrapped up in all of the kind words and promises this beautiful, worldly, woman made her? Perhaps she only said these things as a sort of cruel joke for her amusement? "Maybe she's already forgotten about me..." she thought as she sunk a bit lower in her chair.
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Diary Entry [03 Jan 2006|02:27am]
I have been here weeks now and have yet to meet anyone outside the confines of this home. I've continued my studies in all of my subjects and have developed an improved mastery of the piano because I have not been able to leave the grounds. I would love to go into town with Aunt one day, but I fear that she does not wish me to accompany her. I've never felt more lonely before in my life. I fear that if I am kept inside this house much longer that I may go mad from the confinement.
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November 11th, 1835 [11 Nov 2005|12:29pm]
I am making the slow journey out to my Aunt's estate in Teasdale this morning. It is rather chilly outside, but the sun is shining over the golden fields. The beautiful foliage of the fall trees is almost completely gone now; only a few leaves cling to the branches. I wonder what life is like in Teasdale. I imagine it's quite simple and comfortable. I have not seen my Aunt in years. I do hope she's well and will continue to educate me. I do feel slight regret at having to leave my family, but father and mother have decided that this is the path I must take in life and I cannot go against their word. I cannot deny that I am scared, but I am also excited as well! I hope that this new life for me here will be exciting!
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