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The Diary of Antonia

Antonia Krespel
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Character name: Antonia Rutledge, the Countess of Saint Leven
PB: Romola Garai
Character’s Journal: antoniakrespel
Age and Date of Birth: 18 December 20th, 1796
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married to the Earl of Saint Leven
Children: none
Occupation: Being a respectable young lady.

Appearance: Thin frame, pale skin, brown hair and green eyes. She is visibly young, but elegant and delicate in appearance. Her cheeks also can flush rather easily.

Personality: Her personality is very agreeable. She is very simple and will do what she’s told, knowing what is expected of her. Because she is so young she hasn’t spent much time trying to discover who she truly is. Although her personality might seem banal or not as lively as others, it is simply because she has no experiences of her own to substantiate a personality. She is extremely devoted to her entire family and to her faith, which founds most of her personality. She does have a bit of a dander and can be mischevious from time to time, but that side of her is rarely seen.

Strengths/Weaknesses, Character Flaws: She is terribly naïve, perhaps so too naïve. Her innocence, while treasured by some like her father, lends itself to ignorance of certain things and her inexperience. She does, however, have strong resolve when it comes to something she feels strongly about.

Personal History: Antonia was born into a wealthy merchant family along with two other sisters. Antonia was the youngest and was sent, as soon as she became of age, to a school for girls out of the city. She worked very diligently at the school becoming proficient in dozens of subjects (her strength lay in French literature) and also very skillful at the pianoforte and with singing. Upon her graduation, her parents vacationed in Geneva for the summer. After their arrival home, it was decided that Antonia be sent to live with her Aunt in Brambleton so that she might be away from the corrupt city. Her parents encouraged her Aunt to continue her studies and help find her a husband. Of course, this was all as a result of the dark and sordid Krespel family history in the chapter concerning Antonia’s elder two sisters. (see Adolphuskrespel’s info page for future details.)

Residence (name of estate, town address, etc.): She shall soon be residing in Lyons Gate Hall.

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